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Desert King Beer has been brewed with passion with world class ingredients and pure Himalayan water, in a world class brewery, “which prides itself with its Rich taste”. A professional and experienced team with the most modern and high-technological brewery in the world including Professional packaging, product development and R&D support, thus maintaining the tradition of a beer lover.

our brands

Desert king strong
650 ML
Desert king strong ia a imported beer with a harmoney of bitter and good taste.
Desert king strong
500 ML
Desert king strong is a imported beer with a pleasant refreshing taste.
Desert king Pint
330 ML
It has a nice smooth flavor and sufficient strength.
Proost 69 strong Beer
500 ML
‘Once you go black, you never go back.’ This golden-blond extra strong beer is a unique .
proost 69 lager beer
500 ML
This one is 'LAGER THAN LIFE' giving you nothing but perfection in each sip.
330 ML
It’s a light beer, One sip of this and you’ll be transported to a watching a sunset on a cliff.

Lots Of More Coming Soon !!

PREMIUM imported BEER IN india
Get refreshed and enjoy a memorable day with your loves ones

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